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XpressWest, which just inked a deal with China to help build HSR from Southern California to Southern Nevada, isn’t the only proposed new passenger rail line along that route. There’s also the X Train, a proposal by Las Vegas Railway Express to operate a private luxury passenger rail line from LA to the Strip. Unlike […]

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Bad news for people who wanted to get their party on before they crossed the Nevada state line: the proposed X Train appears to be dead: A group hoping to start running an adults-only “party train” between Southern California and the Las Vegas area said the deal has gone off the tracks. Las Vegas Railway […]

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The X Train, a conventional passenger train that would connect Southern California to Las Vegas along the old Amtrak Desert Wind route with a “party train” type of service, is negotiating with North Las Vegas for a train station site: “After reviewing many properties for our station in Southern Nevada, we have selected one in […]

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Recent reports suggest that the “X Train” – a conventional speed passenger rail service from Fullerton to Las Vegas – could become reality next year. And while this isn’t exactly high speed rail, it could demonstrate that there is strong ridership potential for passenger rail service from Southern California to Las Vegas. From the LA […]

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