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The effort to steal water and HSR money isn’t going to be on the ballot this year after all. A series of bad polls combined with the high cost of gathering signatures means that proponents are delaying to 2018 – if ever: The campaign, led by Republican Bob Huff, the former Senate minority leader, and […]

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That new ballot initiative we discussed on Sunday isn’t doing so well with the public. The opposition to the initiative tweeted out this morning polling results from FM 3 that found only 42% of voters back the initiative – typically a death sentence for any ballot initiative: New Poll: Water grab measure has weak support […]

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The LA Times’ California politics columnist George Skelton takes a look at the Republican ballot initiative to divert funding from high speed rail and Delta tunnels, and concludes it’s actually an attack on the environment: Now two Republican state politicians are backing a proposed ballot initiative to make that a reality. Scuttle the train and […]

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Republicans, such as Congressman Kevin McCarthy, love to argue that the state is wasting money on high speed rail when they should be spending it on addressing the drought. Of course, building high speed rail is addressing the drought, as HSR will help reduce the carbon emissions that threaten to make California’s drought a permanent […]

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