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The California High Speed Rail Authority has confirmed that it will select the Hanford West alignment for the high speed rail tracks in that area: The route would be below-grade, meaning it will run under main streets and not require new overpasses. It would run mostly along a line just east of 13th Avenue before […]

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Over at KCET they have a story on Central Valley farmers who are still upset about proposed routing of HSR tracks. The story includes this photo essay, narrated by a Valley almond farmer: The video is misleading in that it makes it appear the entire farm itself will be destroyed. It won’t be. Just as […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority is holding a second board meeting this month to approve using the recently won $616 million in federal HSR funding to build tracks toward Bakersfield. The staff report for this meeting lays out the various scenarios for using the $1.232 billion now available (including the Prop 1A matching funds) […]

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In the Sunday Open Thread I mentioned that Kern County could get thousands of jobs from a high speed rail maintenance hub were it located at Wasco or Shafter. Perhaps as a reflection of the importance of those jobs in a county with a 15.7% unemployment rate, Kern County is working hard to land the […]

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