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Well this is certainly big news – if not entirely unexpected. China has announced plans to help build the XpressWest high speed rail project that will, eventually, link Los Angeles to Las Vegas via Palmdale and Victorville: XpressWest agreed this month to form a joint venture with China Railway International USA Co. to build and […]

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Los Angeles County Metro is planning the High Desert Corridor, a multimodal corridor that could include a new freeway link along the Highway 138 route – and for our purposes, a high speed rail connection between Palmdale and Victorville. That link would help bring the XpressWest high speed trains from Las Vegas all the way […]

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The California high speed rail project closest to completion isn’t the San Francisco to Los Angeles route being built by the California High Speed Rail Authority. It’s XpressWest, formerly known as DesertXpress, which would connect Las Vegas to Los Angeles via Victorville and Palmdale. The project has sometimes appeared to be more promise than reality, […]

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As the California high speed rail project moves forward after a key vote in the State Senate, the other high speed rail project in the state – from Palmdale to Las Vegas – is nearing an important moment of decision of its own. Mike Rosenberg has the story about XpressWest’s federal loan application: Already, private […]

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