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by Rafael (warning: long post) Introduction Caltrain Firebird is a new infrastructure and operations concept I have developed to illustrate how integrated planning and modern technology could reduce HSR implementation cost in the SF peninsula while delivering the desired aggregate throughput capacity for the corridor plus improved Caltrain service, probably at a lower operating subsidy […]

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by Rafael This post is on Caltrain’s legacy tunnels in San Francisco, how they relate to UPRR operations as well as CHSRA’s plans for reaching downtown SF, plus the issue of the stabling/light maintenance yard at the north end of the starter line. My apologies to readers in the Central Valley and Southern California for […]

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by Rafael Note: cross-posted from comments on Clem Tillier’s post on Caltrain’s CBOSS signaling project. Sorry, I don’t have any time for fancy editing today. The following links are to news clippings coming on the heels of the recent conditional FRA waiver on mixed traffic and Rep. Anna Eshoo’s calls to use HSR funds to […]

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by Rafael Note from Robert: This is one in a series of posts from Rafael thinking about different ways that we could route California HSR. It should be noted that the Merced-Fresno Alternatives Analysis has some very clear options on how to deal with much of this segment, although north of Merced is less settled […]

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