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I admit my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Los Angeles Times headline “Next Senate leader Kevin de León wants Brown to rethink bullet train.” But the title to George Skelton’s column is meant to be taken literally. “Rethink” isn’t a euphemism for “kill” – instead incoming Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De […]

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New recommendations are out for Metro’s board to consider for the Los Angeles Union Station master plan, which includes the long-awaited run-through tracks that will help improve passenger rail service in Southern California. It includes a new east-west passenger concourse that would eventually help serve high speed rail, and would relocate the Patsaouras Transit Plaza […]

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Of all the changes that will be initiated by the California high speed rail project, perhaps the most significant will come at Los Angeles Union Station. San Francisco is building an entirely new Transbay Terminal to accommodate the bullet trains, and San José Diridon Station already has run-through tracks. With bullet trains and run-through tracks, […]

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Today the Los Angeles Times reported that the revised draft business plan includes a shift back to the original plan – the high speed rail extension to Anaheim will not be part of the first phase of construction after all: In a blow to Orange County’s hopes for a boost to business and tourism, the […]

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