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In so many ways, HSR has to deal with the legacy of the 20th century while also serving as a solution to it. One example is the belief, widespread across California, that overpasses for roads or rails inherently produces blight. This isn’t an entirely unreasonable assumption. Many cities, in the Prop 13 era, have had […]

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The Las Vegas Sun today took a look at three passenger rail projects in their region and discovered that maglev is stalled, DesertXpress is moving forward, and the Vegas monorail is having woes that are rather appropriate to the current California HSR discussion. • DesertXpress: Tom Stone, president of DesertXpress, plans to break ground sometime […]

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Monterey residents like to tell a story that may or may not be true, but is certainly plausible. A man is working the night shift at the front desk of a hotel downtown, near Fisherman’s Wharf. He gets a call from a guest who is complaining about the loud dogs that are barking all night […]

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Been a little while since we updated you on the reauthorization of the Transportation Bill, which was to have occurred last year. It didn’t, and was put off to 2010. Now it looks like it might get put off again to 2011, and the White House is stepping up to try and break the Congressional […]

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