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Haven’t done one of these in a while… • In the UK, where the general election campaign is under way, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has infuriated northern England by suggesting a Labour government might not build HS2. He wants to build from London to Birmingham, but maybe not to Liverpool and beyond, instead focusing […]

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The UK general election is just over a month away, and already the bargaining is beginning. Polls suggest that Labour could win a plurality of seats, though an outright majority is unlikely. One reason why it’s unlikely is that Labour’s vote in Scotland has collapsed. Labour’s support of austerity policies, while not as extreme as […]

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A few Sunday afternoon updates on various HSR projects and proposals around the world: • Thailand is planning a high speed rail network worth $73 billion over seven years. The goal is to build a radial network out from Bangkok, with links to Chiang Mai and Nong Khai as well as to other countries such […]

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by Rafael a mixed bag of HSR-related news today, some new, some that fell through the cracks over the past week or two. The Trade Commission of Spain in Chicago is hosting free webinar on HSR on Tuesday November 10 at 2pm Eastern. Note that Patentes Talgo S.A. recently inked a deal to set up […]

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