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There’s a great op-ed in the Sacramento Bee by Curt Johansen, president of the Council of Infill Builders, showing how high speed rail will fuel infill development – and why that is good for the climate: Urban sprawl must end if we are to curb greenhouse gas emissions. This will be achieved only by forward-thinking […]

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Just five years ago China was just beginning to develop its high speed rail network. It wasn’t much further along than the United States. But with a huge amount of economic stimulus funding, China has networked much of their country, one that is roughly the size of the continental USA. And as the New York […]

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One of the dramas at the end of the legislative session last week involved the fate of reform to the California Environmental Quality Act. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg substituted a new bill, SB 743, for his original CEQA reform bill, SB 731. SB 743 is designed to speed approval and construction of a […]

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The law schools of UC Berkeley and UCLA have published a new report titled “A High Speed Foundation: How to Build a Better California Around High Speed Rail” that urges the Central Valley to find ways to ensure HSR limits sprawl rather than fuels it. The report lays out the risk that without a focused […]

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