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Today’s column from San Francisco Chronicle political writers Phil Matier and Andrew Ross makes it sound like the downtown extension is a surprise that the Bay Area suddenly has to pay all on its own. In reality, the project has been on the books for many years and has strong local support as a way […]

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San Francisco Muni’s Central Subway project is scheduled to begin tunneling next year, extending the T-Third light rail line north to Market and Chinatown under 4th Street and Stockton Street. It would serve the 4th and King station, and that why Muni is hoping they can tap into Prop 1A funds for the project, if […]

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As news spreads of both the blended plan and the upcoming business plan’s efforts to distribute more of the Prop 1A money to urban areas sooner (including Caltrain electrification), some HSR opponents as well as longtime supporters are raising questions about whether those proposals conform to Proposition 1A, the voter-approved initiative from 2008 that authorized […]

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One of the consequences of the media’s just blithely assuming, in spite of the facts, that somehow Congressional Republican opposition to HSR means the feds will never ever fund it ever again, is that suddenly people just feel free to make wild and unsupported speculation about the future of not only the California high speed […]

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