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Whenever we criticize the media for not understanding how high speed rail works, we usually suggest they go to Asia or Europe, ride a bullet train, and see for themselves how well the trains work. Happily, some California journalists are doing exactly that, including the San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Cabanatuan. He traveled to Japan to […]

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Mountain View provides an example of how planning projects near the HSR tracks can be done effectively: The City Council on Tuesday approved a three-story, 50,000-square-foot office building to be built next to the downtown train station. The building, slated for 150 W. Evelyn Ave. alongside the tracks just west of the station, is intended […]

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by Rafael I stumbled across the videos below on YouTube and thought I’d share them with you. In them, Prof. Peter Newman, a leading rail advocate in Perth (Australia), articulates why and how that city (pop 1.65m, annual growth ~2.5%) has managed to revive its regional rail services in the face of strong opposition from […]

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