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In recent days there’s been a spate of posts and articles touting the Texas high speed rail project as a better approach than the California project. Some of this is undoubtedly the California-Texas rivalry at work, but it’s also fueled by the routine misunderstanding in the media about the nature of California HSR’s problems. Those […]

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In Texas, as in Florida and on the SoCal-Vegas route, private investors are claiming they can build high speed rail without public subsidy. Unfortunately for our austerity-addled age, this claim alone is considered more important than how quickly a project can get built, how many people it will serve, or how much oil and carbon […]

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A private company has announced its intention to build a Texas high speed rail system, beginning with a line connecting Dallas and Houston: The leaders of Texas Central High-Speed Railway sound very confident for a company expecting to succeed where scores of state planners, elected officials and private interests have failed. The firm hopes to […]

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The Wall Street Journal seems to be trying to stir up some controversy with this report about Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s comments about airlines and high speed rail. LaHood was speaking at an FAA conference and was asked by airlines about HSR. His response was that airlines should support HSR, but the set-up by Scott […]

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