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Been offline for most of the last week at Netroots Nation in Phoenix. Got a chance to use the city’s light rail system, which is useful even in the hot sprawl of central Arizona. • Jeff Wood’s latest podcast covers lessons from France and Germany in a conversation with a planner at the FTA. Worth […]

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The fate of the Texas Central high speed rail project rests on “intense negotiations” now taking place in Austin: Tucked in Page 682 of the budget passed by the Senate in April is Rider 48, a provision that would bar the Texas Department of Transportation from spending any state funds toward “subsidizing or assisting in […]

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History is now sadly repeating itself, as opponents of the Texas HSR project are now employing the same tactics that California HSR project opponents used. Where to start? A Texas Senate transportation committee approved a bill that would remove eminent domain authority from Texas Central: [State Sen.] Kolkhorst said Wednesday that she didn’t want to […]

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When Texas Central announced their high speed rail proposal, they threw more than a little shade at California’s project: “We are not the traditional state-run railroad,” Robert Eckels, the company’s president and a former Harris County judge, said at a high-speed rail forum in Irving on Tuesday. “This is designed to be a profitable high-speed […]

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