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Pledges in Florida and Texas to build rail systems without public money attract a lot of attention in our austerity addled world. But they’re not practical. A Sacramento Business Journal writer asks about it anyway: California’s high-speed rail project, a public-private partnership, has been besieged for years by complaints that the $68 billion project is […]

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In recent days there’s been a spate of posts and articles touting the Texas high speed rail project as a better approach than the California project. Some of this is undoubtedly the California-Texas rivalry at work, but it’s also fueled by the routine misunderstanding in the media about the nature of California HSR’s problems. Those […]

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In Texas, as in Florida and on the SoCal-Vegas route, private investors are claiming they can build high speed rail without public subsidy. Unfortunately for our austerity-addled age, this claim alone is considered more important than how quickly a project can get built, how many people it will serve, or how much oil and carbon […]

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A private company has announced its intention to build a Texas high speed rail system, beginning with a line connecting Dallas and Houston: The leaders of Texas Central High-Speed Railway sound very confident for a company expecting to succeed where scores of state planners, elected officials and private interests have failed. The firm hopes to […]

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