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As I read the reaction today to the recent ruling on California high speed rail, one thing kept coming to mind: It’s quite fitting if you think about it. Someone insists something is dead. That thing isn’t actually dead. But rather than accept that reality, someone decides to kill the thing so that it fits […]

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Below is a guest post from Clem Tillier, who also writes the Caltrain-HSR Compatibility Blog If you try to reach Los Angeles from the Central Valley and points north, the Tehachapi Mountains stand squarely in the way.   This mountain range, crisscrossed by earthquake faults, forms a great barrier to California’s high-speed rail network and […]

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California voters and their legislators have approved the high speed rail project and construction will begin this summer. But that isn’t stopping Congressional Republicans, led by Central Valley representatives Jeff Denham and Kevin McCarthy, from trying to kill the project, as Dan Walters explains: Denham questioned why California had not sought approval of the project […]

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On the San Mateo County peninsula, a small but determined group of people were able to mobilize NIMBY attitudes to force the California High Speed Rail Authority to postpone plans to fully upgrade the Caltrain corridor to accommodate high speed rail service. Now they’re trying to do the same in Southern California, and they’ve enlisted […]

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