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Stanford historian Richard White has some interesting quotes in this KQED interview. While White’s concern about private companies screwing Californians with taxpayer dollars is a totally legitimate issue, the interview strongly suggests his actual objection to the California high speed rail project is that nobody rides trains in California. It’s an absurd claim that flies […]

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Once a TV show has been running for a while, producers sometimes get lazy and decide to phone in an episode in by putting together a bunch of clips from previous episodes. Apparently that happens in journalism too. Instead of breaking new ground in examining the California high speed rail project, California Watch and the […]

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The recent news out of Congress has been, well, depressing. Right-wing anti-HSR extremism won a round when President Barack Obama caved and agreed to eliminate all HSR funding for FY 2011, meaning that it’s unlikely more annual HSR funding appropriations will come while Republicans control the House. So what are the options – if any […]

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Back to the Peninsula for a moment (and if you look at this blog’s posts in recent months, you’ll see we’ve not spent much time there at all), where John Horgan of the San Mateo County Times is spewing more nonsense as part of his anti-rail crusade: Caltrain, which relies on heavy subsidies from three […]

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