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Today I’m going to be in Sacramento for the California Labor Federation’s Economic Recovery Summit. The agenda includes discussions about creating jobs that can provide lasting economic recovery, ensuring a broadly shared prosperity that won’t be dependent on a massive wave of debt as were the last three economic booms. It also includes a discussion […]

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It’s a bold headline from my alma mater: “A Reality Check on High Speed Rail” is how UC Berkeley bills a recent HSR symposium. Already Morris Brown is peddling this as yet another reason why HSR is terrible and doomed to fail. Morris wants us to not dismiss the symposium lightly. OK, I’ll dismiss it […]

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Although most Americans who know anything about high speed rail associate the trains primarily with France and Japan, it is Spain that has had some of the most dramatic success with high speed rail this decade. The AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) trains have attracted significant numbers of riders in a nation whose geography and population […]

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Last year this blog led the fight against the staggering amounts of misinformation put out by opponents of mass transit in their effort to defeat Proposition 1A. Even though these opponents were frequently given room to spout their misleading claims in TV and print reports around the state, whereas pro-HSR forces rarely ever got that […]

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