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As we continue to examine the future of the high speed rail project, it’s worth taking a moment to look at its impact on California’s energy needs. As it turns out, HSR will provide significant savings in terms of both energy usage as well as in the amount of money Californians send out of state […]

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One of the more troubling elements of the flawed Legislative Analyst Report on high speed rail was its attack on HSR’s role in reducing California’s carbon emissions. The LAO claimed that HSR would actually not be very helpful in achieving those reductions. But as we’ll see, the LAO’s claims here are flawed: Given these considerations, […]

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A recent interview with a former Shell Oil executive has made waves this week, as John Hofmeister, president of the company from 2005 to 2009, predicted $5/gallon gas by 2012: “When American consumers are short or prices are so high — $5 a gallon for gasoline, for example, by 2012 — that’s going to set […]

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Note from Robert: This post is by Clem Tillier, who runs the excellent Caltrain HSR Compatibility Blog. In late 2009, Mikhail Chester and Arpad Horvath of Berkeley’s Institute for Transportation Studies published a paper entitled “Life-cycle assessment of high-speed rail: the case of California” in the academic journal Environmental Research Letters. This paper received some […]

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