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Thanks to Spokker for pointing out this study from Subsidy Scope, showing the sources of road funding in all 50 states. Here’s the breakdown for California: State funding User fees: 38% Non-user revenues: 7% Bonds: 2% Local funding: User revenues: 1% Non-user revenues: 31% Bonds: 3% Federal funding: 18% Those percentages are based on funding […]

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Just got back into Monterey after a nice trip back from Seattle aboard the Coast Starlight. I know there was some discussion in the previous post about that route and Amtrak more broadly. While this is intended as an open thread, I’ll take my publisher’s prerogative to add some thoughts on this, with the experience […]

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By Bianca On November 18, the non-profit group Sustainable Menlo Park hosted a presentation on the latest developments on high speed rail. Sustainable Menlo Park is officially “neutral” on the subject of High Speed Rail, but decided to host the event due to local interest in the subject. On the podium were Bruce Fukuji of […]

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by Rafael a mixed bag of HSR-related news today, some new, some that fell through the cracks over the past week or two. The Trade Commission of Spain in Chicago is hosting free webinar on HSR on Tuesday November 10 at 2pm Eastern. Note that Patentes Talgo S.A. recently inked a deal to set up […]

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