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Joe Mathews has been busy riding the rails in Germany and has some very useful and insightful conclusions to share with Californians as the Golden State continues planning and building its own high speed rail system. Mainly, he emphasizes, the stations need to be built as hubs not just for travel, but as nodes that […]

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Some good news out of Gilroy this week: Council members voted 5-2 for a rail station in downtown Gilroy and opposed any kind of aerial track during a special study session on Monday. The study session was designed to get the council’s take on where Gilroy’s future High Speed Rail station should be built: either […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority today announced that it would spend $30 million in federal funding it won late last year to do station work around the state, with a strong emphasis on LA Union Station: The California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) has taken a major step forward in its work to build a […]

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So far, high speed rail and other trains have benefited from the public uproar over the Transportation Security Administration’s new unsafe backscatter machines and “enhanced” patdowns, which many have equated to sexual molestation. I’ve heard and read a lot of “next time I’m taking the train” comments, enabled by the fact that the nation’s rail […]

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