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I don’t remember the first time I talked to Gavin Newsom about high speed rail. It might have been at the California Democratic Party convention in San José in 2008. Or Netroots Nation in Austin, Texas that same year. We definitely talked about it at the CDP convention in Sacramento in 2009. Gavin was running […]

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Lapsed blogger turned political writer David Dayen has a good article up at Politico this weekend on high speed rail as Jerry Brown’s legacy. When David called me to talk about the article we initially focused on the Sierra Club, Republican obstruction in Congress, and the long-term fortunes of the project. Brown was only part […]

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Caltrain is in the midst of a stunning yet totally unsurprising (to rail advocates at least) surge in ridership that began nearly ten years ago. Yet the agency might still be forced to cut service because it doesn’t have a dedicated funding source to support operations. Such is the madness of transportation funding in California. […]

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Today Governor Jerry Brown confirmed what many of us had already suspected, if not assumed — CEQA reform is unlikely in the current legislative session: The California Environmental Quality Act, Brown told reporters here, “is supported by some key groups within the Democratic Party, and I think it would be difficult for the Legislature to […]

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