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One of the most common ripostes to the great shift away from driving is that because the decline in vehicle miles traveled has been taking place at the same time as the Great Recession and a weak recovery, it’s not really evidence of a lasting change in American transportation habits. But evidence is mounting that […]

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The law schools of UC Berkeley and UCLA have published a new report titled “A High Speed Foundation: How to Build a Better California Around High Speed Rail” that urges the Central Valley to find ways to ensure HSR limits sprawl rather than fuels it. The report lays out the risk that without a focused […]

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Update: Brad Templeton responded late Friday afternoon in a comment on this post. Today Forbes’s website published a rather odd article by Brad Templeton of something called “Singularity University,” a research outfit in Silicon Valley that claims to be working on the technologies that will solve human problems. The article claims that high speed rail […]

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There’s a great op-ed in the Merced Sun-Star today by Dipu Gupta, an architect and teacher at UC Merced, explaining how high speed rail opportunity could bring cities back to life. Gupta lays out a common sense philosophy explaining how HSR is key to urban redevelopment in California: If you look at an aerial photo […]

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