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I was really pleased to see the headline of a new op-ed in the Los Angeles Times titled Don’t give up on the bullet train, California. I hoped it would be a rousing defense of the concept of high speed rail, of reducing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption, of moving forward on 21st century […]

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Spain is mired in a deep recession, caused by a mindless and insane commitment to austerity. But there are some bright spots amidst the darkness. One of them is that Spain is planning a 21% increase in high speed rail spending in 2014: Rail spending will increase by 21% from €3.78bn this year to €4.58bn […]

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Reports from Spain indicate that the driver of the train that derailed in Santiago de Compostela last week was on the phone at the time of the crash. But before you equate this to the Chatsworth crash (as I did earlier today), read the details: According to the investigation so far, train driver Francisco Jose […]

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The driver of the Spanish train that derailed and killed 78 people in Santiago de Compostela this week is being formally accused of reckless homicide by the government: Visiting Santiago, the Spanish interior minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, said there were “reasonable grounds to think he [Garzón] may have a potential liability”. “He has been detained […]

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