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Since at least 2008, one of the most common criticisms of California high speed rail has been the claim that HSR is simply unnecessary because of Southwest Airlines. Southwest offers frequent flights at dirt cheap fares, so why would anyone spend more money to take a slower train? This argument has always been rooted in […]

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In what is seen as something of a blow to Mineta San José airport, Virgin America announced last week it would be leaving SJC even though they had just launched flights to LAX less than a year ago: “Despite our steadily improving performance at SJC, demand in the market hasn’t met expectations and we’ve made […]

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One of the common anti-high speed rail arguments is that nobody will ride trains because they can fly cheaply between cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Since at least 2008 we’ve known these cheap fares weren’t going to last long. This week brings more evidence that cheap flights are becoming an endangered species, in […]

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If you thought air travel was bad now, just wait until you see these “saddle seats” installed on an airplane near you: The seat puts passengers in a semi-standing position, allowing airlines to leave only 23 inches of space between each row of seats, compared with traditional airline seats that are positioned 31 to 35 […]

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