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I saw Matt Yglesias’s post on Los Angeles’s transit expansion get passed around a lot online yesterday. It seems as if everybody’s writing their “omg LA is building huge amounts of transit!” post, and that’s great, it helps sustain momentum for more rail and shifts the view of LA away from being car-dependent. Maybe that […]

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The closure of the 405 freeway through the Sepulveda Pass ended early today, but its impact on Southern California may only just be starting. The predicted traffic nightmare that spawned the term “carmageddon” did not materialize, as people adjusted and found ways to live and get around without relying on the freeway. This should come […]

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Virtually every post on this blog ultimately revolves around the economic benefits of high speed rail, which continue to be systematically denied by HSR critics who are still unable to mount any strong, evidence-based arguments against those benefits. In some ways it’s because they’re not really trying; HSR opposition isn’t so much about deconstructing claims […]

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As a result of the CHSRA agreeing to study track sharing between LA and Anaheim, the EIR for that segment, which was to be released next month, will instead be released in January 2011: David M. Thomson, an engineer with the consulting firm STV, said the rail authority has pushed back publication of its draft […]

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