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For European travelers – especially Brits – flying cheaply has become a normal way of getting around the continent, with carriers like easyJet and Ryanair providing very low fares by offering no-frills service connecting smaller airports. In France, offering low-cost travel has been a priority for SNCF since the TGV opened in 1981, as tickets […]

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One of the less noticed parts of the infamous LA Times article about the SNCF suggestion to bypass the population centers of the Central Valley was this short tidbit that JR Central, one of the operators of the Shinkansen bullet trains in Japan, had also dropped out of the bidding to build and/or operate high […]

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The recent Los Angeles Times story accusing the California High Speed Rail Authority of dismissing a proposal from SNCF, the French national rail operator, is still bouncing around despite the obvious flaws in the SNCF proposal. New evidence, however, shows that the SNCF proposal did not meet basic guidelines or even comply with state law […]

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The purpose of the California high speed rail project is to move people. It’s a simple concept but one that is easily misunderstood by those who do not support rail. If you’re going to move people, you need to plan a route that goes where the people are. That’s a basic concept of good rail […]

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