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The president and chair of the California League of Conservation Voters, Rick Zbur, leads one of the state’s most important and effective environmental organizations. (He’s also the new Executive Director of Equality California.) So it’s great to see him publish a fantastic op-ed in the Sacramento Bee titled “An environmentalist’s case for high-speed rail”: As […]

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When it comes to fighting CO2 emissions, doing something meaningful to stop climate change, and reduce air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels, it’s hard to find a better ally than the Sierra Club. Right now some of their most high profile work is involved in stopping fossil fuel supply. They’re leaders in the fight […]

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You would think that California’s leading environmental organizations, who claim to be committed to fighting the climate crisis and reducing carbon emissions, would enthusiastically support Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to use 19% of annual cap-and-trade revenues to fund a major infrastructure project that reduces millions of tons of CO2 while also reducing other forms of […]

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A coalition of organizations led by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group held a press conference today to announce proposals to reform the California Environmental Quality Act. The sensible proposals are focused on ensuring the law is used to protect the environment rather than used to stop projects for other reasons, preserving CEQA’s original intent instead […]

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