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Apologies for the long delay in September posts! More topical posts to come next week. In the meantime, enjoy this video of Shinkansen trains. My 2-year old son loves watching train videos on YouTube and this is one of his favorites (I swear I’m not brainwashing him, he genuinely loves trains and especially HSR!):

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50 years ago today – October 1, 1964 – the first commercial high speed rail service began in Japan when the Shinkansen opened between Tokyo and Osaka. The rest of the world has been trying to catch up ever since. It will surprise nobody that the Shinkansen, today widely regarded as a stunning success, faced […]

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With the possibility that Jerry Brown might be elected to his third term as governor on Tuesday, it seemed worth taking a trip back to 1982. Brown was finishing his second term as governor and running for a seat in the US Senate against San Diego mayor Pete Wilson. Wilson won, but Brown left an […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger flew to Asia this week for a “trade mission” that will focus heavily on high speed rail. (Already the trip has generated one of the most memorable tweets I’ve seen in a long time.) The Central Valley Business Times has a good overview of the trip: Leading multiple delegations of business leaders, the […]

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