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Last week we learned that two leading Congressional Republicans were trying to block approval of a $5.5 billion federal loan for the XpressWest high speed rail project that would connect Las Vegas to Victorville and eventually serve Los Angeles. This week, both of Nevada’s U.S. Senators – including Republican Dean Heller – rose to defend […]

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Once again Amtrak California is setting record ridership numbers, showing that Californians absolutely will ride passenger trains between metro areas. You’d think that with clear evidence of demand for passenger trains, getting HSR built in California would be a slam dunk. And it would be…except that the unsettled picture regarding federal funding is giving everyone […]

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Yesterday a Senate appropriation subcommittee zeroed out high speed rail funding for FY 2012. Seeing this, Senators Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin and Frank Lautenberg moved to secure $100 million – “enough to keep the lights on” – for HSR funding: Three Democrats have assembled a proposal to direct $100 million to President Barack Obama’s high-speed […]

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You go to sleep one night thinking “it could have been worse” only to wake up the next morning and learn that, in fact, it IS worse. The HSR cuts in last Friday night’s budget deal appear worse than we had thought just last night. The total cut is now reported at $2.9 billion, with […]

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