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An AK-47 wielding gunman opened fire today on a Thalys train headed from Amsterdam to Paris. He was subdued by two US Marines three Americans who happened to be on the train: French media said the gunman had shot a Kalashnikov on board the train, and was also armed with knives. The local paper La […]

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Just as the country celebrated the death of its most wanted criminal, Osama bin Laden, it learned that he was speculating about an attack on the American rail system: One idea outlined in handwritten notes was to tamper with an unspecified U.S. rail track so that a train would fall off the track at a […]

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So far, high speed rail and other trains have benefited from the public uproar over the Transportation Security Administration’s new unsafe backscatter machines and “enhanced” patdowns, which many have equated to sexual molestation. I’ve heard and read a lot of “next time I’m taking the train” comments, enabled by the fact that the nation’s rail […]

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In his remarks yesterday in Tampa, President Obama mentioned that one benefit of HSR: no need to take off your shoes in security. Makes sense, right? Not if you’re Politico’s Josh Gerstein, who wrote about the topic yesterday. He wondered why rail security is “so much more lax” than at airports, and used a post […]

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