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Ralph Vartabedian waxes poetic about how that mean old HSR project would devastate the bucolic Big Tujunga Wash in his latest article, but the real story stems from political opposition crystallizing to using it as a route to get from Palmdale to Burbank: The Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles Unified School District […]

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Last week the California High Speed Rail Authority announced significant new changes to the proposed routes through the San Gabriel Mountains between Palmdale and Burbank. The changes extend the underground portion of the tracks all the way to Burbank itself, and now bypass Santa Clarita entirely. Here’s how the CHSRA described these changes in an […]

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This is taking NIMBYism a bit far, if you ask me: A cemetery — which some residents called fake — popped up on an Acton property right in the path of where a high-speed rail was proposed, which raised eyebrows of residents who said they believe the entire thing is a ruse to stop the […]

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The June 2015 California High Speed Rail Authority board meeting in Los Angeles felt more than a little familiar: During more than six hours of public comment by about 150 people, one speaker after another attacked the project as the eight-member California High-Speed Rail Authority board listened quietly. The testimony came from residents and leaders […]

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