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The California high speed rail project has never planned to have a stop in Santa Clarita. But it has planned to use tracks and right of way through the city, one of the largest in Los Angeles County. Residents and businesses have been concerned about this plan, since the high speed tracks won’t be built […]

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Republicans like Jeff Denham and Kevin McCarthy are doing all they can to undermine and stall the high speed rail project. That’s obnoxious for high speed rail backers and for those who are working to build the project. But it has particularly damaging effects on those folks who own property in the path of the […]

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On the San Mateo County peninsula, a small but determined group of people were able to mobilize NIMBY attitudes to force the California High Speed Rail Authority to postpone plans to fully upgrade the Caltrain corridor to accommodate high speed rail service. Now they’re trying to do the same in Southern California, and they’ve enlisted […]

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Last year, as costs began to rise on the Palmdale to Sylmar section of the high speed rail route (due to Army Corps of Engineers requirements that the route hew more closely to State Route 14), the California High Speed Rail Authority announced it would take another look at a Grapevine/Interstate 5 alignment, although it […]

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