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The California High Speed Rail Authority has published several new animations of the alternatives for the Palmdale to Burbank segment of the project. These include routes on the Highway 14 corridor and the various proposals to tunnel under the San Gabriel Mountains. Each is embedded below. First up, the Highway 14 alignment, which is the […]

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Earlier this week over a thousand residents of Santa Clarita and nearby communities held a rally to demand that some other neighborhood be stuck with the HSR tracks that they don’t want. Their message rang loud and clear: Get the bullet train out of our communities and put it underground. More than 1,300 vocal residents […]

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On Sunday we told you about Assemblymember Scott Wilk’s effort to kill HSR and use its money for schools. On Monday the Assembly Transportation Committee wisely decided to kill Wilk’s bill instead: The Assembly Transportation Committee said “thanks, but no thanks” to A.B. 6, legislation by a Santa Clarita Republican that would give voters the […]

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A Republican Assemblymember from Santa Clarita, Scott Wilk, has a new op-ed in the Sacramento Bee arguing for taking the Prop 1A bond money away from HSR and giving it to schools. This is a very old anti-HSR argument, dating back to at least 2008 and the days of the state budget crisis. Voters have […]

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