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The Pasadena Star-News reports that the California High Speed Rail Authority will hear a proposal to build a tunnel under the San Gabriel Mountains in order to connect Palmdale to Burbank and Los Angeles, rather than follow Highway 14 between those destinations: A tunneling option that runs in a straight line from the Palmdale Transportation […]

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Last week the Federal Railroad Administration issues its Record of Decision allowing the Fresno to Bakersfield high speed rail segment to proceed to construction. That news was expected and is obviously welcome. This week we’re also getting confirmation of news that was expected and is, I hope, welcome: the California High Speed Rail Authority is […]

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The California high speed rail project has never planned to have a stop in Santa Clarita. But it has planned to use tracks and right of way through the city, one of the largest in Los Angeles County. Residents and businesses have been concerned about this plan, since the high speed tracks won’t be built […]

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Republicans like Jeff Denham and Kevin McCarthy are doing all they can to undermine and stall the high speed rail project. That’s obnoxious for high speed rail backers and for those who are working to build the project. But it has particularly damaging effects on those folks who own property in the path of the […]

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