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At Tuesday night’s high speed rail hearing in Mountain View, a wide range of elected officials and organizational leaders came out to show their support for the project. Steven Maviglio collected many of the statements over at the California Majority Report. Some examples: San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed: “We appreciate efforts to continue studying alternatives […]

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Three years after filing a frivolous lawsuit against the California High Speed Rail Authority, two years after they largely lost that case, and one year after they failed to get it reopened, a group of Peninsula cities are once again in court to block the project. The same judge, Michael Kenny of Sacramento Superior Court, […]

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Note from Robert Cruickshank: The following is a guest post from Tom McNamara, a regular commenter on the blog, about the initial operating segment requirement in state and federal law regarding HSR funding. Future installments of this series will appear in the next few days and weeks. THE EVOLUTION OF INTIAL OPERATING SEGMENT PART I: […]

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(Note: See second update below for an important clarification from Congresswoman Eshoo’s office – she does not support forced transfers.) While I’ve sometimes disagreed with State Senator Joe Simitian on high speed rail, I’ve always respected him. He does support the project and does seem interested in finding workable solutions, even if he is too […]

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