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Governor Jerry Brown traveled to San Jose State University today to announce a controversial partnership with Udacity, a private company that would offer remedial education to new college students via massive open online courses. While I profoundly disagree with the proposal, I do agree with Governor Brown chiding reporters for focusing only on the program’s […]

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Yesterday Governor Jerry Brown spoke to the San Jose Mercury News editorial board about his tax proposal, Proposition 30. The interview included a discussion of high speed rail, which begins at 16:34 of the video below and lasts until 27:22: This is also worth watching to see how utterly clueless and ignorant of the facts […]

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The San Jose Mercury News editorial board is sure they’ve found a scandal: So here’s a heads-up for staff and public officials at cities, counties and any other government agencies involved in construction projects: If you’re measuring job-years, say job-years. If you want to talk about jobs, then translate your job-year statistics before making public […]

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California’s current unemployment rate is 11.3%. That’s still a far higher level than the state has seen in decades – and it has been sustained at around that level for at least two years. California faces nothing less than a severe jobs crisis. That doesn’t mean any old job is a good job. But when […]

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