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Jessica Calefati at the San Jose Mercury News has the scoop that the California High Speed Rail Authority will indeed build the Initial Operating Segment in Northern California, as has been rumored for weeks: In a huge win for the Bay Area, the state will build the first 250 miles of bullet train track between […]

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Governor Jerry Brown traveled to San Jose State University today to announce a controversial partnership with Udacity, a private company that would offer remedial education to new college students via massive open online courses. While I profoundly disagree with the proposal, I do agree with Governor Brown chiding reporters for focusing only on the program’s […]

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Yesterday Governor Jerry Brown spoke to the San Jose Mercury News editorial board about his tax proposal, Proposition 30. The interview included a discussion of high speed rail, which begins at 16:34 of the video below and lasts until 27:22: This is also worth watching to see how utterly clueless and ignorant of the facts […]

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The San Jose Mercury News editorial board is sure they’ve found a scandal: So here’s a heads-up for staff and public officials at cities, counties and any other government agencies involved in construction projects: If you’re measuring job-years, say job-years. If you want to talk about jobs, then translate your job-year statistics before making public […]

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