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I mean, this doesn’t really count as “news” given how obvious the positive reaction would be, but it’s still noteworthy that leaders in Silicon Valley welcomed the idea of building the Initial Operating Segment for high speed rail in the northern part of the state, from San José to Bakersfield: “This would seriously be a […]

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by Rafael UPDATE: I have added an optional VTA light rail network expansion between San Fernando Ave and Component Dr via the SJC Terminals to the map. This expansion would be possible only if the existing heavy rail station at Cahill St and its approaches were indeed abandoned, which would render UPRR’s single track Milpitas […]

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Along with the discussion of Gilroy at the Thursday CHSRA board meeting, another topic of conversation was the way out of San José to the south. As we’ve shown you before, this might be the most difficult part of the whole project, especially given the issues cited in Atherton v. CHSRA, requiring the Authority to […]

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by Rafael Heads up #1: The Sep 12 teach-in on high speed rail organized by the Peninsula Cities Consortium has been moved to a new location due to high demand. The event is free, but anyone wishing to attend must now register at the above web site due to limited capacity. (h/t Morris Brown) Heads […]

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