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Joe Mathews is one of my favorite writers on California issues. I find myself disagreeing with him more often than I agree, but he comes from a good and well-meaning place, even if that place is a bit too center-right for my taste. His column today about a trip he took on the Amtrak San […]

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Streetsblog DC reports that Amtrak’s recent ridership growth is fueled in part by smaller cities: The major growth was in routes serving smaller cities. Ridership was up 4 percent in Michigan, where construction to improve the speed of connections between Detroit and Chicago is entering the final phases. St. Louis to Chicago boardings were up […]

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On Monday a semi rammed a southbound San Joaquins train near Hanford, causing several cars to derail. Nobody was killed, thankfully, but nearly two dozen people were injured. According to investigators, the driver of the truck can’t explain why he crashed into the train. But that hasn’t stopped some politicians from grandstanding. Kings County Supervisor […]

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Hanford is still up in arms about potentially losing Amtrak service – a position I continue to find bizarre, since they also oppose the high speed rail project that would bring a lot more riders to their town and give residents more places to travel. The latest news, however, should be encouraging for Hanford Amtrak […]

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