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This is never a story you want to see – the contractor building the HSR line near Fresno ran afoul of federal rules on protecting the endangered kit fox: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared the California High-Speed Rail Authority and Federal Railroad Administration to be out of compliance with their environmental commitments […]

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It’s no surprise that longtime critics and opponents of the California high speed rail project have seized upon recent setbacks to try and reshape the project in their preferred image. Even though they’ve lost every other political battle, and even though the court case had nothing to do with the route chosen, there remain those […]

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And by “funny” I actually mean “not remotely funny at all.” Dennis Wyatt of the Manteca Bulletin has criticized the high speed rail project before, and this blog has pointed out the numerous flaws with those criticisms. He’s at it again this week with an op-ed that I could not resist reading, especially with the […]

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As I read the reaction today to the recent ruling on California high speed rail, one thing kept coming to mind: It’s quite fitting if you think about it. Someone insists something is dead. That thing isn’t actually dead. But rather than accept that reality, someone decides to kill the thing so that it fits […]

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