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The San Francisco Chronicle’s Matier and Ross have their own report about the California High Speed Rail Authority being on the verge of choosing a northern Initial Operating Segment. And in their report, they emphasize the potential benefits for Caltrain electrification: One big reason: The Caltrain commute line between Gilroy and San Francisco is poised […]

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Great video of Governor Jerry Brown’s meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board, a body which has been swinging to the right lately even as California continues to undergo a long-term shift toward the left. Specifically, the clip below shows Governor Brown giving strong support to the high speed rail project, showing a vision […]

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Once again we’re seeing that in the wake of Judge Michael Kenny’s unfavorable ruling for the high speed rail project, longtime institutional supporters are still backing the HSR project. This time it’s the San Francisco Chronicle editorializing that the project must go forward: But the decision doesn’t cancel the entire project nor does it stop […]

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There is a truly excellent op-ed in today’s last August’s San Francisco Chronicle from Roger Christensen, a transit advocate and former chair of the Metro Citizens Advisory Council who recently moved from LA to the Central Valley. The op-ed, titled “The Great High Speed Rail Lie,” is a devastating attack on high speed rail critics […]

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