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On Thursday night Caltrain will host a meeting in San Carlos of local elected officials to discuss the Caltrain electrification and HSR “blended plan.” And as usual, the anti-passenger rail forces will be organizing to try and stop improvements to rail service on the corridor. The Community Coalition on High Speed Rail, the organization founded […]

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Shocking news out of San Carlos this morning, where mayor Omar Ahmad died of a sudden heart attack: San Carlos Mayor Omar Ahmad died suddenly this morning after suffering a heart attack, according to Council member Randy Royce. Paramedics responded to a 911 call from Ahmad and took him to Sequoia Hospital, but Ahmad passed […]

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Back in 1989, after Orange County voters had approved Measure M the previous year (a sales tax increase to fund freeway expansion), my high school began to lose its front lawn to a freeway. Interstate 5 was the target of the widening, and Tustin High School was in the way. Most of the front lawn […]

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It was a very interesting (and long) evening in Palo Alto, with lots of fodder for blog commentary. I’m going to have to keep some of this brief for now in order to get through it all, and will expand on certain points in posts over the weekend. Some key things that we learned from […]

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