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A new Field Poll is out showing that Governor Jerry Brown leads Neel Kashkari by 20 points. Governor Brown is going to win a fourth term, the only question is just how badly will Kashkari get beaten. That isn’t stopping some pundits from trying to find drama in a race that is a foregone conclusion. […]

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Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was in Sacramento recently, and talked to the Sacramento Bee editorial board about high speed rail. Why was he in Sacramento? I’ll let him explain… What brings you to town? I am meeting with Gov. Jerry Brown and High Speed Rail chief executive Jeff Morales. I want to thank the […]

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The Sacramento Bee editorial board remains supportive of the high speed rail project. As with this blog, they believe that the project should not be delayed and that it ought to continue to move forward. Earlier this week they suggested a quick path to get the bonds authorized and spent: Why did the CHSRA seek […]

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On Friday the Sacramento Bee’s Dan Walters, a longtime opponent of high speed rail, claimed that the California High Speed Rail Authority’s decision to challenge its critics in court was a “test of political integrity” for Governor Jerry Brown, insinuating that the actions being taken in support of the HSR project lacked such integrity. It […]

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