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China’s rail expansion in recent years has gotten a lot of global attention. But a new proposal floated last week in a Beijing newspaper is of a different kind entirely. According reports, China is considering building a rail line to the continental U.S. via Russia, the Bering Strait, Alaska, and Canada: China is considering plans […]

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Russia’s high speed rail system, the Sapsan connecting Moscow to St. Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod, has been profitable and is attracting large numbers of riders. Now plans are being made to expand the system – including onto its own dedicated tracks. In autumn 2013 the Russian Government is due to consider the plan for High–Speed […]

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Three items from around the world for the end of August’s last weekend – a high speed rail plan is revived, one is abandoned, and one is embroiled in political squabbles between governments. Brazil: After some on-again, off-again plans, the proposed Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo and Campinas high speed rail project is back […]

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Stanford historian Richard White has some interesting quotes in this KQED interview. While White’s concern about private companies screwing Californians with taxpayer dollars is a totally legitimate issue, the interview strongly suggests his actual objection to the California high speed rail project is that nobody rides trains in California. It’s an absurd claim that flies […]

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