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One of the most important things to remember about the lawsuits that have been filed against the California high speed rail project is that they come not from people who want high speed rail – they are coming from people who oppose the project. The lawsuits represent an end run around the democratic process. This […]

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Last year this blog led the fight against the staggering amounts of misinformation put out by opponents of mass transit in their effort to defeat Proposition 1A. Even though these opponents were frequently given room to spout their misleading claims in TV and print reports around the state, whereas pro-HSR forces rarely ever got that […]

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On August 26th AB 3034, after a weeks-long delay, was finally signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. That bill directed the California High Speed Rail Authority to create a new business plan…by September 1. Giving the Authority merely five days to come up with the new plan. Why the delay? The bill was passed out of the […]

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AB 3034 finally passed the Assembly today on a 54-15 vote. The bill is NOT going to be sent to Arnold Schwarzenegger immediately, though, in hopes that a budget deal will be reached by Saturday. AB 3034 would have been sent to the governor sooner had Senate Republicans not blocked its passage for several weeks, […]

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