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The Riverside Press-Enterprise wants you to believe that somehow Water trumps rail – that California can only afford to do so much in order to meet our challenges here in the 21st century, and that new water conveyance is necessary whereas rail is not: Gov. Jerry Brown has the state’s top infrastructure priorities half right. […]

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Today the California High Speed Rail Authority is holding its monthly meeting in Los Angeles, in the board room of the Metro headquarters right next to Union Station. The agenda is here and a livestream of the meeting can be viewed here. Dana Gabbard of Streetsblog LA has a good overview of the meeting, including […]

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Over at the Press-Enterprise, Dug Begley provides a very thorough overview of the three proposed Las Vegas to Southern California HSR systems: • DesertXpress, a steel-wheel HSR train running initially from Vegas to Victorville with a later extension to Palmdale and a transfer to the CA HSR system • Maglev, which would theoretically run from […]

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Corona is one of the major crossroads and urban centers of the Inland Empire. Norco – a shortening of the original community name of “North Corona” – is a suburb with an equestrian background that doesn’t quite see itself as the kind of crossroads Corona does. Unsurprisingly, they don’t seem to agree on high speed […]

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