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I missed this last week, but it’s worth mentioning here. When former Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced his campaign for governor, he included a slam at current Governor Rick Scott for rejecting the federal stimulus funds to build high speed rail: Republican-turned-Democratic former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist criticized incumbent Gov. Rick Scott (R) for rejecting […]

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This story should come as no surprise, but it’s still galling to see it. A former Florida State Senator has said that Florida Governor Rick Scott promised to accept federal HSR funds shortly before publicly announcing in 2011 he would reject those funds – and that he may have done so in order to make […]

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In California media outlets often like to ask whether Governor Jerry Brown or state legislators will suffer for supporting high speed rail. Their assumption is that the risky move when it comes to HSR is to back it, and that opposing it comes at little political cost. But that may not be an accurate reflection […]

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Florida Governor Rick Scott killed the state’s high speed rail project shortly after he became governor in early 2011. Even though the private sector consortium that was planning to build and operate the system pledged to cover cost overruns, Governor Scott preferred to listen to his right-wing allies in the Reason Foundation and killed the […]

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