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Assembly Republicans keep trying to defund the California high speed rail project – and they keep failing: The Assembly Transportation Committee turned down a bill by Assembly Member Jim Patterson to prohibit spending federal grant money on a high-speed train project until the state’s High-Speed Rail Authority has approved matching funds. Patterson and his fellow […]

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In his 2015 fiscal year budget President Barack Obama has proposed spending $5 billion a year on high speed rail projects: In addition, the White House would like to set aside $19 billion specifically for rail programs. “The proposal also includes nearly $5 of billion annually for high performance and passenger rail programs,” the White […]

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In a move that was as predictable as the sun rising in the east, California Assembly Republicans have proposed to ask voters to redirect the high speed rail funds to freeway lanes: Under the plan announced by a group of Republicans, voters would be able to decide whether to channel $8.5 billion in bond money, […]

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One of the very first things Jeff Denham did when he got to Congress in January 2011 was to defund the California high speed rail project. In March 2011 he published an op-ed in the Modesto Bee justifying his attack on the project using a series of flawed and easily debunked criticisms about the project’s […]

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