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Note from Robert: This post is by Clem Tillier, who runs the excellent Caltrain HSR Compatibility Blog. In late 2009, Mikhail Chester and Arpad Horvath of Berkeley’s Institute for Transportation Studies published a paper entitled “Life-cycle assessment of high-speed rail: the case of California” in the academic journal Environmental Research Letters. This paper received some […]

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The Gulf oil spill may become the worst environmental disaster in American history. The scale of destruction is only now beginning to be understood. Oil is fouling beaches, killing wildlife, and causing massive economic damage to tourism, fishing, and other industries that depend on clean beaches and clean oceans. California experienced a similar spill 41 […]

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It’s a bold headline from my alma mater: “A Reality Check on High Speed Rail” is how UC Berkeley bills a recent HSR symposium. Already Morris Brown is peddling this as yet another reason why HSR is terrible and doomed to fail. Morris wants us to not dismiss the symposium lightly. OK, I’ll dismiss it […]

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by Rafael Eric A. Morris has published a post on the Freakonomics blog of the New York Times entitled “High Speed Rail and CO2“. IMHO, his is a poorly researched and extremely biased article since it completely disregards research commissioned by CHSRA. Before I explain my gut reaction to Mr. Morris’ hit piece, please bear […]

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