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There are two things that should come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog. First, Californians support high speed rail. Second, Ralph Vartabedian does not. Vartabedian has a rather whiny article up at the LA Times today complaining that high speed rail is not a factor in this fall’s statewide election: Neither Brown nor […]

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Our old friend Ralph Vartabedian is at it again, spinning yet another article biased against the California high speed rail project. This time it’s his claim that the state is late to begin purchasing right-of-way for the Madera-Fresno high speed rail construction segment: Construction of California’s high-speed rail network is supposed to start in just […]

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The Los Angeles Times editorial board is a solidly pro-high speed rail group, but their reporting on the project is a different matter entirely. While an editorial board is free to take whatever position they want to on any issue, the articles written by reporters are supposed to be rooted in facts and free of […]

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I’m not exactly sure why the LA Times has chosen to let Ralph Vartabedian write shockingly biased articles against the HSR project, but his latest hit piece is up, claiming that plans for Amtrak to use the Initial Construction Segment in the Central Valley are flawed. The problem: if you read the article closely, what […]

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