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I’m a big fan of Michael Hiltzik, columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Often he writes intelligently about economic issues. This time, he has an insightful column about high speed rail, calling it “troubled but necessary.” It’s a strong defense of the importance of this project: One can debate the authority’s numbers or the true […]

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I was wondering when the LA Times’ anti-HSR reporter Ralph Vartabedian would swoop in to gloat over Quentin Kopp’s vehement opposition to the blended plan. Well, tonight he finally got around to the story: In his declaration, Kopp says that the bullet train business plan approved last year by the authority violates several voter-imposed requirements, […]

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Yesterday the California High Speed Rail Authority voted to approve the “blended plan” that includes funding for Caltrain modernization and electrification in exchange for HSR trains being able to use those tracks in the interim before more tracks are added. Vice-Chair Lynn Schenk raised concerns about the “blended plan” earlier this month the first time […]

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In the wake of the new California high speed rail business plan, which calls for sharing tracks with other passenger rail services in some urban areas, some are charging that this means the service will merely be “commuter rail” in those urban areas, according to the Voice of OC: Political reality is scaling down California’s […]

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