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The Public Policy Institute of California is out with its latest statewide poll and, as in past years, they find that high speed rail continues to enjoy majority support among state residents: Eight years after state voters passed the $10 billion bond to build high-speed rail with 53 percent support, 52 percent of adults and […]

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Stanford’s Hoover Institution, a right-wing think tank, has been trying for a few years to break into the polling business. They’ve been partnering with YouGov on a “Golden State Poll” that asks about almost every issue under the sun. The most recent version, released today, includes several high speed rail questions. The results aren’t great […]

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Ralph Vartabedian must have ordered a stiff drink when he saw the latest USC/LA Times polling on high speed rail: Californians are slightly less inclined to want to halt the state’s high-speed rail project, according to the poll. When asked whether construction of California’s high-speed rail line should be allowed to go ahead or if […]

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Alfred Twu, who created the fantastic US high speed rail map that went viral last year, has now created a new board game based on that map. It’s available on Kickstarter and the window to fund the game closes tonight at midnight. Twu has raised money well past his initial goal, so he will be […]

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