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Great news from the Public Policy Institute of California, which has a new poll out on various political issues in California. The poll shows that a clear majority of Californians continue to support high speed rail: Today, when read a description of the system and its $68 billion price tag, 53 percent favor it and […]

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A new USC/Dornsife poll shows that 52% of voters believe HSR should be stopped, a result that the LA Times’ Ralph Vartabedian calls a sign of “buyer’s remorse.” I actually agree with using that phrase in this context. But it’s important to consider how buyer’s remorse works, which actually explains very well why these poll […]

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State Senator Andy Vidak, a Republican who just won a special election in the San Joaquin Valley this summer over a Democratic opponent, wants a re-vote on high speed rail, presumably so that voters would do the Tea Party’s bidding and kill it. California Republicans have still not grasped the extent to which the state […]

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Today we finally learned the details of Elon Musk’s much-hyped Hyperloop. And while some readers may expect me to trash it, I actually think it’s a pretty awesome idea. What’s not to love about getting from SF to LA in 30 minutes? Sign me up! The Hyperloop does have some significant technical challenges facing it, […]

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