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Today’s Bakersfield Californian has a good, in-depth article on the latest effort by the California High Speed Rail Authority to issue a “request for expressions of interest” for international companies and potential private sector partners. While this is certainly not the first time the CHSRA has solicited responses from the private sector, the Bakersfield Californian […]

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A common criticism leveled against the California high speed rail project is that private investors haven’t committed anything to the project. That’s always been a flawed argument. This blog has repeatedly made the point that private investment will show up once the state government has shown it is committed to delivering its own funding to […]

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Amtrak ridership is at record highs, so how do Republicans react? By calling for the trains to be privatized. But despite their ideological claims, privatization won’t do much at all to improve service on the trains, a lesson that we should heed as we move ahead with high speed rail. Wine tasting on the Coast […]

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One of the core arguments made by opponents of passenger trains is that nobody will ride them and the system won’t be profitable. Personally, I don’t care whether the system is profitable or not, that isn’t the point. The purpose of any transportation is to find effective ways to move people given your political, geographic, […]

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