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Kathy Hamilton, a prominent Peninsula NIMBY, has a new post up at the Examiner attacking yours truly over a recent post in which I congratulated Caltrain, the California High Speed Rail Authority, and the US Department of Transportation for working together to bring funding for positive train control to the Peninsula. Of course, that funding […]

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by Rafael as part of the recent Happy Holidays Open Thread, I took a potshot at local opposition to the at-grade option for HSR through Anaheim. The ensuing discussion prompted me to devote a full post to the subject. First, some general context. Funding vs. Tunneling The most recent update to CHSRA’s business plan, which […]

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One of the consistent points this blog has made since we launched in March 2008 is that HSR is part of an overall effort to revive passenger rail in California. HSR isn’t a substitute for other forms of local rail – in some places, like the Peninsula and Southern California, it enhances local rail by […]

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Note: The Blogger service will be down for scheduled maintenance on Thursday 3/26 between 4:00pm and around 4:10pm. We apologize for any inconvenience. On Tuesday, an article in the Hollister Freelance discussed the HSR project from the perspective of Gilroy and the cities that will be in the catchment area of the planned stop there. […]

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