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David Grossman is USA Today’s business columnist, a former airline exec and a California resident – and today he offers not one but two columns extolling the benefits of rail for business travelers, especially high speed rail. It’s best to read these in sequence to get the full effect of his argument. First up: Is […]

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As Barack Obama finally announces his vice-presidential pick, Delaware Senator Joe Biden, there’s been a lot of discussion about how he reflects or complements or even detracts from what Barack Obama stands for. Most of those discussions focus on the war in Iraq, domestic economic policy, the nebulous media fiction of “gravitas,” etc. But there’s […]

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Don’t really have time to put together a proper post today, and won’t be able to put something up until later tomorrow afternoon. So use this as an open thread, but I would love to hear answers to this question. How would you promote the high speed rail project aka Prop 1 to your fellow […]

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According to the Secretary of State’s office, Sunday August 24 is the real, true, absolute drop-deadline to put AB 3034 on the ballot as Prop 1A. Apparently county election officials are under pressure to move ahead with ballot printing and can’t delay much further. It is possible, depending on exactly what the Legislature does over […]

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