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One of the common arguments against high speed rail in California is that the state doesn’t have enough population or population density to support high speed trains. This stems from a flawed application of common arguments about urban rail systems, where you usually do want to route light rail, streetcars, and subways along dense corridors, […]

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Today’s New York Times offers a closer look at Spain’s HSR success, with a reporter filing her story from the AVE: Two years ago, nearly 90 percent of the six million people traveling between Madrid and Barcelona went by air. But early this year the number of train travelers on the route surpassed fliers. The […]

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One of the most consistent editorial opponents of high speed rail in California has been the MNG newspapers. They opposed Prop 1A, they’ve called HSR a boondoggle on occasions too numerous to count. So it should surprise nobody to learn they’ve taken the new cost estimates as a chance to renew their attack on HSR: […]

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Robert J. Samuelson is one of the more right-wing writers at the Washington Post. His previous columns have proposed privatizing Medicare, for example, just to give you a picture of who we are dealing with. And like Ed Glaeser and Ed Morris before him, he has decided to bring a right-wing frame to his attack […]

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